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Cookies By George and Blood Services

For over 25 years, Cookies By George has been donating leftover cookies to Canada’s volunteer blood donor system for blood donors to snack on post-donation.

Blood donations are vital to providing treatment for those with serious illnesses such as cancer, who need to go through surgery, as well as those who have been victims of severe accidents. Blood is needed about every minute in Canada. In order to make sure the donation process is comfortable and safe for those generous enough to give, Canadian Blood Services provides an after-donation snack to help donors recover lost fluids.

“Right after donating, it is good to have cookies and juice to replace glucose and vitamins,” says Susan Matsumoto, Canadian Blood Services’ Director of Donor Relations for Alberta, Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. “Also, it helps to replace the volume lost from the circulatory system. So in addition to being a tasty treat, cookies play a key role in helping donors recover from their life-saving donation”.

The Edmonton blood donation clinic on 8249 114th Street sees about 120 donors walk through the doors per day. That number does not include donors who show up at the various pop-up clinics provided by CBS throughout the year, but more donors are always needed. To attract more donors, Cookies By George Edmonton has committed to providing his feature cookie each month, in addition to the leftover cookies he has always donated. Each month's feature cookie is often only around for one month per year, which gives cookie lovers an incentive to come in to donate when their favourite cookie is available. 

“The donors love their cookies”, says Matsumoto. “Some openly admit that they come in just for the cookies”.  

There is one donor in particular that is especially appreciative of the cookies.

Ed Darrah is the highest-volume blood donor in Canada, and happens to also be an Edmontonian.

“I have been a donor of blood for fifty three years and now am the highest donor of blood in Canada,” he said. “Throughout many of those years I have enjoyed the cookies supplied by George.”

Darrah made his 1,000th donation in December of 2011 and continues to donate regularly. As of September 23, 2015, he has made 1,185 blood donations to Canadian Blood Services. Cookies By George is proud to have the support of such an incredible citizen.  

To become a donor, or for more information on Canadian Blood Services or the Partners for Life program, go to

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George cares about the environment. His Pick-Me-Up Box is made of 70% recycled material and is 100% recyclable — simply put it in the recycling with the rest of your cardboard. Our gifts are delivered in either a re-useable bag or a biodegradable bag, and we offer our "George Refill" discount to customers who use their Cookies By George re-useable mug when purchasing a hot beverage.


George cares about community. To date, Cookies By George has donated over 4 million (!) cookies to charitable causes over the years, and continues to support organizations such as Canadian Blood Services, Edmonton Humane Society, Christmas Bureau, and the Edmonton Pride Festival each and every year.


George cares about the health of Canadians. Cookies By George has been donating cookies to Canadian Blood Services for over 25 years. Beginning in November of 2015, George launched an initiative with Canadian Blood Services Edmonton to commit to providing a virtually endless supply of George’s feature cookie every month for blood donors to snack on post-donation.