Because You Can't Eat Flowers...

Let us make gift giving easy for you. Cookies By George are great as thank you gifts for a job well done or holiday favors for that time of year. 

Have us design a custom label or gift tag with your company's logo for that extra special touch. (Please note that additional charges to have custom labels designed and printed may apply.)

Other ideas? Just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Please note that the following form is an order request form for delivery orders of 5 gifts or more. For orders of 4 or less gifts, please visit the Delivery or Pickup sections of our online store. Online store promotions and discounts such as the AMA 10% off, FCPs and promo codes only apply to orders placed via our online store.

We recommend sending us your large order request at least 1 week before your desired delivery or pickup date so we can accommodate your request in time. For orders of 30+ gifts, orders with custom labels and/or tags, or holiday orders, 2 weeks' notice or more is highly recommended. 

After we review your request, we will contact you with a quote. Orders are not confirmed until an invoice is sent unless otherwise specified by our staff.

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