Imagine the surprise and delight in your Valentine's eyes when they find a flower box that redefines sweetness – the perfect gift for your hot cookie. Our gourmet cookie flower boxes expertly twist traditional Valentine's gifts because your loved one deserves the best.

Each cookie, a symphony of the finest ingredients, resonates with our love and dedication. Why settle for fleeting flowers when a box of indulgent cookies awaits? This Valentine's Day, opt for a gift as unique and delectable as your love – a box of cookies not just to be seen but savoured, bite by delightful bite.

Add a touch of warmth and cuddliness with a 'Warm Buddy' – an adorable stuffed animal (choose from bunny, bear, puppy, sheep, etc) with a soothing heating pad inside. It's the perfect companion to our delightful cookies, ensuring your Valentine feels the warmth of your love in more ways than one.

Because You Can't Eat Flowers